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Not just a UI/UX Guy

R. Chris Ferrell

I am currently working for Virginia State University as the Senior Web Developer. Conception to execution, whether it be hardware or software and from the back-end to the front, I am your guy. I have been working professionally in IT for 21 years doing everything from building computers to configuring the servers and networks to programming the user interfaces and applications. What I’ve learned in all my experience is there are always new challenges and there is always more to learn as this is an evolving field of scientific exploration, which is why I have a passion for it. Although, it’s not my only passion, in fact one led to another.
Artist Chris

Other than being a UI/UX Guy I am also an artist of all sorts. I of course do digital artwork but offline I draw, paint, sculpt, carve and tattoo for starters. When I first ventured out into the world I set off to become a tattoo artist. Luckily my first apprenticeship was under Jim Shadow, who not only taught me about tattoo designs but also introduced me to digital art and animations for websites. I started designing websites for small businesses and bands while supplementing my income with my tattoo work, but I really needed a better understanding of information technology. Since I could get more training and money for college I joined the Army’s Military Intelligence Corp.
Outdoors-man Chris

In the Army I became an “Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence Analyst” (98 Charlie), which means you train for both Strategic (Computer Work) and Tactical (Field Time). So not only did the military get me started on serious programming but it also turned me into a serious outdoors-man. More importantly my time in the Army taught me about finding balance even when faced with extremes. Too much time in front of a computer made me long for getting back to the outdoors. Too much time in the field made me long for the air-conditioned office environment back on base. What I dreamed of then was the relaxation of the outdoors with some of the comforts of home, thinking “How?”. Now I’m planning a tree-house bed and breakfast.
Science Chris

I recently recovered a HAB (High Altitude Balloon) also known as a weather balloon, of my own design and programming on August 22nd 2017 after launching during the eclipse August 21st 2017 in Philadelphia, Tennessee. An interactive VR video of the launch from the balloon’s perspective can be viewed here: Eclipse 360 VR 4K Weather Balloon. The most important part of a weather balloon is the scientific payload, special thanks to adafruit.com for the components I used to gather data like temperature, pressure, motion and light readings for the entire flight and then some ( 14 hours using a pi zero, envirophat, PowerBoost 1000 and a 2600mAh li-ion battery ).
Dreamer Chris

When I started out as a tattoo artist and gradually became a Front-end Designer, I couldn’t have imagined then how that would evolve into all the facets of who I am today. I now know with some direction dreams can become a greater reality than you ever could have initially imagined. I have built this site to further these dreams and share them with you using the art, computer science and various other lessons that I have learned in searching for my own harmony. Think of everything we could accomplish together, then dream bigger. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for joining in on the experience of reality being able to surpass our dreams.

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