Project Details

Plans and Designs

We were lucky enough to find treasure in an architects old shop, Designs and complete building plans for low-cost wood homes circa 1969, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. These plans are perfect for tree-house adaptation, as they aren’t overly complicated or too large, so they are ideal for living among the trees. We will build as many variations as funding will allow.




Build Location

We are currently scouting locations West of Richmond, VA in Powhatan County. This Bed and Breakfast is going to be like no other with the freshest “Farm to Table” breakfast possible, supplied by our planned aquaponics greenhouse and only miles away from Amish farms and stores.



Who Will Build Our Treetop Getaway?

Nelson, the East Coast needs you!



Enjoy the Freshest Breakfast Possible!

An aquaponics greenhouse guarantees fresh fish, fruit, vegatables and herbs year-round. Watch my videos below explaining an aquaponics system and how to setup and operate one yourself.



Get Involved?